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Who we are

The Sunvienergy is a Portuguese company, technology-driven, headquartered edit my paper in Vagos, with a international presence, particularly in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The Sunvienergy is a company specialized in engineering projects in the deferent’s areas of Energy and Renewables Certification, including wind, hydro and photovoltaic.

The internal competence and know-how, allows Sunvienergy a perform and management of the entire process, from initial concept, design and feasibility studies, installation, monitoring and maintenance of electricity generation systems for sale, as Microgeneration and Minigeneration - suited for installations with actual energy consumption.

The Sunvienergy develops and implements diversified technology and systems provided electrification of cottages and chalets , pumping systems for irrigation and human consumption , scrubber wastewater , land

and maritime signaling systems , repeaters ( radio, television , mobile phones ) , lighting roads and public , etc.

Precautious situations and places where there is no access to the electricity distribution network, Sunvienergy designs, installs and maintains autonomous with the possibility of integration of CCTV and Wi - Fi systems , according to the needs the client.

Renewable Energy and Environment

The use of Renewable Energy Sources Today was a enormous challenge for society, in fact it usually involves relatively innovative technological processes or systems, which in the past was not always sufficiently interesting, from the point of view of investment required, characterized also by low levels of efficiency in processing and energy recovery.

The implementation also aims to optimize energy consumption and reduce energy bills without any restrictions on activity and / or production.

The current conjecture, strongly marked by a growing environmental awareness and simultaneously the need to find cost effective ways of energy production, has caused a growing concern in the search for sustainable energy systems and simultaneously interesting from the point of view of investment.

Sunvienergy offers solutions that based on innovation technologies that boost renewable energy and promote the rational and efficient use of energy.