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Based on the principle of conversion of solar radiation into edit my paper electrical energy light component, photovoltaic systems in recent years experienced an enormous growth in respect to efficiency and profitability. Consequence of this is the large growth in the number of facilities that have been implemented.

Sunvienergy manages all steps necessary for the supply and operation of a solar PV solution, in particular the study of the best technical and economic viability respective option, supply and installation, maintenance and monitoring of its operation.


Production and consumption of own electricity, the systems

of self-consumption, are called “Farms for Autoconsumption” are able to connect to the public mains so that they can sell the excess energy produced, allow a reduction in your energy bill of around 70%.

Microgeneration and Minigeneration

Consist in the production of photovoltaic solar energy, using renewable energy equipment connected to the public network for the total sale of energy, generating monthly revenues for companies and individuals.

Photovoltaic Parks

Also known as photovoltaic power stations are large-scale photovoltaic systems designed to produce energy and make it available to the electricity grid, they can scale up to several megawatts of power.

Isolated Houses (Off-Grid)

Ideal systems for homes ( family or vacation) located in areas without access to the public network. Based on photovoltaic solar technology, these systems allow an autonomy of at least 2 days. Possibility of integrating CCTV and WiFi systems.


This technology, which works on the principle of transforming the Thermal Component of Solar Radiation in Heat, occupies an important place in the field of Renewable Energy recovery systems, and which have been providing greater market acceptance, because represent a low installation cost and high profitability that feature.

Solar thermal energy is produced through panels that capture the sun's radiation and is then stored and used for water heating, pool heating and air conditioning. It is highly reliable technology with low maintenance costs and promoting the use of renewable energy.

Since, systems particularly suited for housing, up to medium and large production systems, Sunvienergy sizes, designs and implements, any type of project, ensuring the installation and maintenance of all types of facilities.


Wind power is a technology that relies on the transformation of energy from wind into useful energy, such as the use of wind turbines to make electricity, windmills for producing mechanical power or sails to propel sailboats. Wind energy, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is renewable, is always available, can be produced in any region, is clean, produces no greenhouse gases during production and requires less land. The environmental impact is generally less problematic than other energy sources.

Sunvienergy develop and implement solutions, low and medium power systems, sizing each project according to the needs of its customers.


The energy-related or Hydraulic Hydro technologies, that the principle of energy transformation is based on the utilization of the amount of potential or kinetic energy of a body of water into mechanical energy and therefore in Electric Power, has a significant expression in electricity production in almost all Countries developed.

However, this principle of transformation of energy does not occur only in those large hydro also has application in small and medium installations where there are conditions of use of a water body can implement water use systems with good profitability.

Sunvienergy develop and implement solutions that provide this type of use of energy.


The presentation of the energy certificate is now a mandatory requirement for all properties, new or used, when concluding contracts of sale or lease.

Sunvienergy through qualified experts, perform Energy Certifications (RCCTE and RSECE), ensuring the entire process, from placing the order to the issuance of the Certificate.